How to block out time for multiple days

In this tutorial i’m going to show you how to block time for employee’s in Client Diary’s calendar for multiple days (if they go on holidays for example).


  • Click on Calendar
  • Click on a blank column in the employee column you want to add the block out time for
  • Click on Block Out Time in the New Appointment or Block Out Time pop up window
  • Under the Block Out Details tab click on Multiple Days box to set it and Select the End Date underneath the multiple days box and select End time of the time you want the end date to end at.
  • Under the Block Out Reason tab select one of Preset Reasons to describe the reason for the block out.
  • Under the Block Out Note tab is where you want additional notes to the block out appointments
  • Then click on Submit.



You also create your own reason one in New Custom Reason and clicking the Add button to apply that reason to the block out.