Tiered Pricing comes to Client Diary

Client Diary has the ability to easily setup tiered pricing in your business, bringing with it the simplicity of  single services that intelligently change price depending on which staff they are booked with.

Setup Tiers

Quickly and easily add new pricing tiers with Client Diary’s modern and intuitive interface.

Assign Employees

Assign your Team members and from then on they will automatically charge their correct pricing based on their existing pricing tier. It just couldn’t be easier.

it’s incredibly easy to setup and will improve your business operations. Reporting will be more succinct, team members won’t forget to change pricing saving you from potential losses. Online Booking respects the tiered pricing and your clients will always be charged the correct price without mistakes.

If you are already a Client Diary user you now have this powerful new tool ready to use.  Click here to learn how to set it up for your business.

If you’re not using Client Diary yet, hit the sign up link and get a month for free to see what you think.  No credit cards required.


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