Merge Duplicate Clients

When your database gets larger and older there will eventually be client records showing more than once (a duplicate).   Duplicates can be an issue when looking up histories, finding notes or marketing to the client.  Duplicates occur when entering the client and choosing a new client rather than selecting the existing client. They also occur when bringing data in from older systems which have been in use for a long time.

To resolve this and clean up your database we have created the Merge Client tool.  It’s super simple to use and will automatically search your database and provide you with recommendations.

You can merge the duplicates quickly and easily and if there are conflicting pieces of information (say two phone numbers that are different) it will ask you to choose which piece of information to keep and which to discard.

All histories, purchases, notes and more are merged together into one client card so you can easily look up a client and get the whole picture again rather than searching multiple records.

We trust you get a lot out of this new, easy to use tool.

Documentation on how to use the Merge Tool is located here.

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