New improvements when using Client Diary

Here are some small but helpful additions that make working with Client Diary all the better.

Last and next booking shown when re-booking.

Want to know how long ago your client was last in when re-booking?

Client Diary now tells you at the re-book screen. The exact date in plain English is shown.

change time intervals
Calendar time slots are now adjustable.

You don’t have to stick to 15 minute time slots anymore. Client Diary now allows you to choose the timing that suits your business.

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print colour notes to docket printer
Print notes directly to a docket printer.

Although not as popular as they were we totally understand why docket printers are so handy.

We’ve added the ability to print your notes on these small receipt printers.

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Contractor details on receipt
Contractor details on receipts.

Individual contractors that need their own tax details on the receipt?

What about private health care provider details?

This great addition will change with custom receipt details depending on who worked with the client.

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Block out time shows employee who created the blockout
Block out bookings now say who made them.

Who made that block out booking? Sometimes you’d just LOVE to know but nobody is taking responsibility.

The block out bookings now show who made them and when.

As usual we trust you enjoy these small, yet helpful improvements.
They’re only there due to your excellent feedback so keep it coming.

Watch this space for some larger announcements coming soon!

Rob & the Team @ Client Diary

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