Get your Point of Sale plugged in

Client Diary works with Barcode Scanners & Docket Printers on both Mac and PC.

Below are some suggested hardware options but you can purchase other types and styles.  To be sure your own choice will work with Client Diary though, simply get in touch and we’ll confirm it’s compatibility for you.

Barcode Scanner

This is the classic LS2208.  It’s well priced and good looking.  Works on Mac, PC and Linux.  The LS220 is fast and reliable and is a great match for Client Diary.

Purchase Here

(or anywhere you can find it at a better price)

Docket Printer

There’s no better way to print out client records, receipts and quick bits of info than on a docket printer.  They use heat, not ink so it’s a one off cost and then you will only ever have to pay for paper.

The Epson TM-T82II is not only good looking, it’s incredibly reliable and fast making it a great match for Client Diary.  It works on Mac & PC.

Purchase here

(or anywhere you can find it at a better price)