Setup Client Diary to exactly suit your business.

Manage Employees Easily

Employee Management

Easily setup your employee’s rostered hours and breaks.  Client Diary ensures their roster is updated instantly and that no double up appointments made.  Employee’s can add holidays, breaks, time away, meetings and more ensuring a smooth flow of your business.

Multiple Locations are a breeze

Setup your individual locations.  Switch between them instantly.  Employee Rosters allow your team to work at multiple locations.  Sell a Gift Voucher at one location but want your clients to be able to redeem them at any site?  Not a problem.  Multi locations are thoroughly embedded into the system, it’s build into Client Diary’s DNA.

Bookings are fast and easy

The calendar in Client Diary is the fast and easy to use. It has the ability to handle multiple services per appointment. Appointments can be split between multiple employees. Extra blocks of time, or gaps, can be added to create space for cleaning up after a service, or for colour to be applied and processed. Appointments can be simply moved to another day easily if a client asks.  This is a powerful calendar system.

Selling things? Simplicity is the key

We know you’re busy and don’t want to sit at the computer when taking a client’s bill. The Point of Sale (POS) in Client Diary has been to focus on super fast transactions.

With just one button you have access to Gift Vouchers, Services, Products and even Group Checkouts (more than one person in the one bill).  You can pause/hold a transaction and restore it later.  We’re even working on connecting your sales figures to Xero.

Walk in clients or regulars, we’re talking super fast, super easy.

The new way to manage your business

Any Device

Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop. You choose how you want to use your software.  Access your appointments, client details and POS from anywhere at any time.

Cloud freedom

Your data is in the cloud meaning you can access it from anywhere.  No need to setup software, install updates or transfer data between computers.  It all just works from within your browser. Your data is backed up each day and is securely encrypted.


We’ve never understood contracts.  If your software is good and the service you receive is great, why would anyone need to tie you into a long term, lock in contract?  Call it a contract or call it a commitment discount, it’s still unnecessary in our minds. Our software is good, we’re confident you’ll love it and that’s why you’re free to leave whenever you wish.  There are no hidden fees, there are no surprises.

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Tracey Grills
Tracey G, Brisbane

Most systems offered a generic proposal to work around, however the Client Diary system allowed us to note specifics about clients and products that was only relevant to our business type.

Cara Beresford
Infusion Hair & Beauty, Bundaberg

Client Diary has minimised paperwork… minimised ‘no shows’ and does all the thinking at the end of sale. So no more manually calculating client bills.