Bookings have never been faster

(or easier)

More than just a calendar

The Client Diary calendar not only keeps track of your bookings, it also give you access to other areas of your software quickly.

From client info, to notes, message histories, future bookings and more your whole business is at your fingertips.  Also, compared to other cloud systems, it’s insanely fast!

Move quickly

At the touch of a button all actions for your client are instantly accessible.  Move an appointment to another day, mark them as arrived, take them to the Point of Sale.  Super fast.

Get to know your client

You can quickly see their next and previous appointments, keep notes, track their history and more.  All from the calendar.  With tools like colour coding, alert and note icons and more, the calendar is visual and client info is fast to gather.

This calendar is awesome

For example…

Check out Re-booking.  You can choose how many weeks, or an exact date.  Super easy, Super fast.

..what did they have last time?

Your client’s recent services are shown as you make a booking. No more embarrassment guessing or trying to remember.

It just make sense

We use modern interfaces that you can easily understand.  Choosing a date is simple for example.  If you can use a phone you can use Client Diary.

Try it out yourself

No credit cards, no contracts. Have a look and see.