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Let Client Diary build business intelligence

As you use Client Diary it automatically creates profile information about your clients so you can help serve them better and keep them loyal.

Financial histories, client notes, product & service purchases, gift voucher sales and much more are all recorded for you, without any extra effort involved.  This keeps you free to work on the business rather than micro managing the small stuff.

Fully customisable Client records with no restrictions

One of the great strengths of Client Diary is your ability to record ANY information on your customers, no matter what your industry.  Hair salons will want to know what hairdresser the client prefers.

Mechanics will want to know what car they are having serviced.  Pet Grooming salons will want to know if the dog is aggressive or not, if it’s been de-sexed and more.  Beauty salons will want to keep info on their skin condition.  A maintenance professional will need to know what property the client wants them to visit.  It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, Client Diary will allow you to record exactly the info you need to keep.

Tracey from Tracey G

Most systems offered a generic proposal to work around, however the Client Diary system allowed us to note specifics about clients and products that was only relevant to our business type.

Notes to maintain good communication

Add colour notes.  Notes on a specific appointment.  Notes about your client’s general requirements so everybody is on the same page.  If a note is really important, mark it as an alert so you’re alerted to the important info when interacting with that client through bookings, POS and other areas of the software.  The notes aren’t hidden away either, they’re available in the calendar and the client screens, meaning no more jumping between screens to search for notes.

We can import your clients

If you’re coming from another software we can import your client data in one go to save you time.  We’ll also do it at no cost.  Just get in touch and we’ll help out.

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