Employee Management


Setup targets for your staff and let them see how they’re going each time they log in.

Targets can either be separated into products and / or services or you can combine all income into one single target.  The choice is yours.


You choose which staff can do which things and what they can and can’t see.

You may have a manager who needs to do specific reporting for you and you may have a junior that only needs the basics available to them. The settings are quick and easy to setup and assign.  With preset groups already made for you, you’ll have your information safe and secure and only available to those who you want to share it with.


Easily setup your rosters for your employees.

Multi location?  Not a problem.  Client Diary handles rostering for all staff across multiple sites all from one simple to use screen.

Add lunch breaks, set start and finish times and assign which sites your employees work from.  It couldn’t be easier.

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