Text Messaging in Client Diary

Reduce No Show losses

For every client that doesn’t turn up you lose money and it may be too late to fill their appointment.  Client Diary sends reminders to help reduce no shows.  Clients can reply YES to confirm their appointments, letting you know instantly if they’ve confirmed.  For those that don’t confirm, you can follow them up if you wish to ensure you don’t lose valuable bookings to a client that won’t turn up.

The simplest SMS system

Imagine just turning your messaging on and it works.  That’s how easy SMS Reminders are in Client Diary.  If you decide you don’t want to use them (though we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t) you can just turn them off again.

Easy to manage

Do you want them to go out for one day in advance or two days in advance for example?  What time of the day do you want them to go out?  In the morning, afternoon?  The default settings are pretty good but we let you choose as you know your business better than anyone.

Reduce your no shows

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