How is your business really going?

Find out with a click

Quickly look at your figures.  From today, yesterday, this week or last week.  It’s quick and easy to look into your data and get a real picture of what’s happening.

Imagine what it would cost in book keeping and accountant fees to discover the info that Client Diary can give you at the click of a button.  Client re-booking rates, average bills, employee totals, male to female client ratios, new versus existing clients, voucher usages and voucher sales, the list is massive.  It’s all there, just waiting.

Do your employee’s have targets?

If they do then you’ll love our target tools.  Employee’s can monitor their own progress towards and beyond their targets with simple to read gauges that encourage interaction with animations and success emoticons.  The new generation expect to be engaged and Client Diary does just that.

Want to get nitty gritty?

If you want to dive in deep and explore the figures it’s all here.  Reports can be emailed to your accountant, printed so you can draw notes all over them later. Figures can be dissected in excruciating detail if required.  You can choose to look at high level overview reports or dig down and really crunch the numbers.  You decide how you want to view your figures.

Time to unleash your business?

Instant reports are a click away