Point of Sale

What do you sell?

Upsell Products.  As soon as you sell a product in Client Diary your inventory adjusts to match.  Keep track of what you’re selling the most of and which clients are purchasing them.

Services. Add on services, adjust the price or the service itself after a consultation if required.  Track what services are the most popular,

Gift Cards.  If you sell gift cards or vouchers Client Diary will help you keep track of them.  No more client’s demanding they have more than they really do.  No more shuffling around looking for voucher numbers.  Client Diary keeps track of who has the gift card, how much is left to use and when it expires (if at all).  One less worry.

Scanners and Printers

Yes, Client Diary supports them.  Simply plug any barcode scanner in and you’re good to go.  Docket /receipt printers are a fantastic way to print of client histories and notes and bring them into the business, note in hand, ready for the next job.  If you want to discuss exact models, feel free to get in contact and we can guide you through any hardware purchase.

Xero integration

We’re excited about our Xero integration.  Transactions data automatically flows into your Xero accounting software so reconciliation is a breeze.  No more comparing software reports against Xero reports.

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