Sell Vouchers

in your sleep

Completely automated, set and forget voucher sales

Sell Vouchers at any time

Vouchers are primarily purchased at night time, after most businesses are closed. If you’re not selling your vouchers online, you’re missing out on sales.

Sell Unlimited Vouchers

Client Diary allows many vouchers / gift cards to be purchased in one transaction. Allow your customers to purchase as many vouchers as they need, in one go and automate the whole process.

“The Christmas just gone was the best voucher sales we’ve ever had.”

Patricia Erickson , Robina

Get notified

As soon as a voucher is sold, you can be notified with all the info including who purchased the voucher, how much they spent and more.

Automate the process

Choose to either send your own physical voucher, or simply let Client Diary handle it all for you, sending a digital voucher on your behalf. The vouchers are sent to the customer, they’re created in Client Diary and you receive the funds. It’s a full set and forget system that makes you money without you doing a single thing.

Get 4 weeks of Client Diary at no cost!

No credit cards required. No lock in contracts. Simply sign in and give it a go.