How to get up and running

Setup a free account

It costs nothing to get started.  You get a month for free to see what you think.  No credit cards, required.  Simply sign up and register to get underway. The process takes about 2 to 3 minutes.

Personalise your account

If you have multiple locations you can set them up now.  Add your company logo if you wish.  Setup your staff roster.  Add your services.  Get your business information ship shape and ready to go.

Start booking appointments

The next step is to start using Client Diary.  Simply click on the calendar to create an appointment.  Enter your client’s name.  Choose a service. It’s that easy.

Keep at it, the more you and your team use it the better you’ll be and the faster you’ll become.  Our tests have shown that the average booking take about 8 seconds once your team are comfortable.

Take payments & make sales

Once a client service is complete, simply take the appointment to the Point of Sale.  From here you can upsell services and products & sell Gift Vouchers.

As you make each sale a client profile is created for each customer.  Learn how often they come in, what services and staff them prefer and what products they use.  Reports are automatically created as the sales are made making hours of bookwork a thing of the past.

… then continue growing

Once you have the basics down you can then start to focus on things like Staff Targets, Rosters & Management.  Email Marketing and SMS messaging can be switched on to promote your business.  Reports and business analytics can be accessed.  The more you use Client Diary the more information it creates for you to help run your business better.

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Madeline O'loughlin Melbourne
I would just like to say how impressed I am with your business and service.
Not only is the software amazing but so is the support and nothing is to much trouble!
I will definitely be recommending you to everyone!
So glad I have chosen to go with Client Diary.

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