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Easily setup your Sustainable Salons Fee

Sustainable Salons is a social enterprise that rescues up to 95% of salon resources from landfill and finds  re-purposing solutions that benefit our planet, all while supporting the community.   Follow this link to find out more about sustainable salons.

Client Diary has partnered with Sustainable Salons to help bring a great experience to your business and for your clients.  The Fee is thoroughly integrated into Client Diary.  When adding the Sustainable Salons Fee, Client Diary fully integrates:

  • the Sustainable Salons Fee into the Point of Sale
  • your Client’s History
  • your Reporting
  • It’s even used when checking out Online Bookings

The tool is flexible:

  • It can be automated to appear automatically on each bill.
  • Allows you to change the setup of the fee.
  • Allows you to remove the fee for specific clients if required.

If you’re already using Client Diary and want to setup this important tool simply click here to read how to setup the Sustainable Salons Fee.

If you’re considering using Client Diary to work with your Sustainable Salons systems simply click here to register a trial account for free now.