How To Apply Xero To Client Diary

We now have made Client Diary able to link with Xero.  In this tutorial will be showing how to link  Xero with Client Diary.

Before you begin you should already have an account with Xero.
You and / or your book keeper / accountant should know how to use Xero.
If you need help with Xero and which accounts to choose below, please confirm with your book keeper / accountant as each business is setup differently and they will know how yours should be setup to link to Client Diary.

Step 1

  • Click on My Account
  • Click on Add Ons tab and click on Xero
  • Click on Connect To  Xero

It will take you to the Xero login page.  Once login in it will redirect you back to client diary


Step 2

  • Go back to Add Ons Tab and select Xero it will show Sales Account, Asset and Liability
  • Click on the text field on Sales Account, Asset, Liability and it will show a list of accounts from Xero.

You must choose accounts for all 3 to continue

  • Click on Save

Proceed with End Of Day as normal, data will be sent to Xero after submitting the End Of Day Wizard.  If you don’t know to use or get to End Of Day Click on this link here to see the tutorial on it.  How to do End of Day financials