Client Diary has new tools for April

We’ve had some amazing feedback to improve Client Diary recently, and wanted to share some of the highlights, large and small, so you know what’s been added.

This is worth a quick scan over, so you don’t miss out on the new tools you have at your disposal.

Images In Client’s Messages

When a client sent an SMS with an image (an MMS), in the past you’d get a weird, long link that was confusing. This has now been adjusted, and the link to view the image is shown in Client Diary’s message area, including the quick message area.

Calendar Quick Date Improvement

Clicking the quick “Next 1 week” buttons, etc, will now go from the current calendar viewing date instead of “from today”.

So if you click Next 6 weeks, then click it again, it will go forward 12 weeks. This is a highly requested change.

Recurring Waiting List

Yes, we listened. The wait list now has a recurring feature.

A customer can now have a recurring appointment in the wait list.

This is especially handy if a customer says “anytime in the next week is good!” You can simply make the wait list booking to repeat every day for the next 5 days, and you have a week’s worth of wait list bookings avialable for them.

Online Booking Timeslot Intervals

Previously online booking only allowed bookings on 15 minute intervals.

You can now set 5, 10 or 15 minutes to align with your actual calendar.

You can also force the system to only book on the half hour, or the hour, if that works better for you.

The Teem Weekly Roster Alert

The roster will now alert a user when editing, if the start time is before the end time (e.g. 10 PM to 5 PM).

Although a small thing, this little annoyance created more than its fair share of roster issues, so we’re glad to ensure it can’t happen anymore.

Stripe For Multi-Site Businesses

Those of you with multiple businesses will love that you can now connect a seperate Stripe account per location.

You don’t have to do this, but if you wish each site to handle its own stripe finances, this is now an option for you to utilise. It can help to simplify your back end accounting, and reduce your costs.

Auto log out on mobile improvement

We get it. You’re the owner, you don’t need to be logged out every time you switch apps on your phone.

Now, if you login with the owner’s PIN, Client Diary will NOT auto log you out, if switching apps, or if the app goes to background. Finally!

We hope you love these new tools, both large and small. They all work to make Client Diary just that little bit nicer to use, and it’s all through your feedback. So thank you, and please keep it coming.

The Team at Client Diary