Complete Stock Tools come to Client Diary

Client Diary’s new stock tools are amazing.¬† It’s the only way to put it.

We’ve put the final touches on the most complete stock tools you can get your hands on. From placing¬† orders to receiving deliveries, transferring between locations and even shop use products, Client Diary now boasts a full stock management system.

  • Stock Take Quickly & Easily
  • Manage Professional Stock Usage
  • Place Orders Electronically
  • Receive Deliveries from Suppliers
  • Transfer Stock Between Locations

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We’re sure you’ll love these new tools. Be sure to click the link above to learn how to get your stock in order using our new, powerful stock system.

If you’re currently using another system, we can import your data at no cost. Simply make contact and we’ll help you start saving money today.

If you’re already using Client Diary, click here to learn how to use these amazing new tools.