Setting up a new Client Diary system

If you are new to Client Diary and want to setup your system from scratch, this is the place to be. This assumes you don’t want to import any data from another system and you’re ready to get Client Diary ready for use. Getting Client Diary setup properly will make using it a pleasure.

(If you DO want to import data from another system, please contact us and let us help you with that. We import data at no cost and it’s important to do it before you start fully setting up the system.)

Log into Client Diary (if you already signed up for a trial)

  • Log in at : and do so in your browser. Setup is always recommended on a computer, not on a phone. You can use your phone later, but please do all setup on laptop or tablet first for ease of setup.
  • Your email address will be what you entered on signup. If you forgot your email, simply get in touch and we can let you know what it was.
  • Your Password is not known to us as it’s encrypted. Try your common ones and if you need, you can always request a new password on the password screen.
  • Your PIN is a 4 digit security code that was emailed to you in the very first email that we sent you when you signed up. If you don’t have your PIN there is a link called “SEND ME MY PIN” which will email it to you again.

Steps to help you complete your setup

You may have already done some of these, but if not, some suggested steps to ensure the system is ready to go including:




System / Config


It’s a few steps to go through but only setup what you need. Pick the ones for you. It usually takes about half an hour to an hour.

Once done your system will be setup and ready to go. There are many other options of course but that’s the basics to ensure you’re using the key systems.

Usage tips to get started

For a complete list of getting started tips we recommend checking out this set of guides for new users.

Training links

If you need any help, please be sure to use the inbuilt support system as shown in this image as it will get straight to our support team and get a fast response: