Adding and Editing Suppliers

Client Diary allows you to easily setup your suppliers so when you place stock orders, the correct products are ordered from the correct suppliers.

  • Select the Products Menu
  • Press the Stock Tools Tab
  • Click on Suppliers Info

  • To add a new supplier press the Add New button and enter their details, then press the Save Changes button.

  • To edit a supplier, simply click in the field you wish to change, make the changes and press the Save Changes button.

The following info can be added:

  • Supplier Name : The business name of the supplier
  • Office Phone : The head office’s phone number
  • Email : The email address the supplier accepts orders from
  • Sales Rep’s Name : The name of your rep
  • Sales Rep’s Phone Number : The mobile number of your rep
  • Business Account Number :  The account Number / ID the supplier has assigned to you. This is so they can match your business to their system easily when placing an order.