Blocking Out Time and Holidays

Blockout appointments are very versatile. You can use them to block out a quick meeting, a doctor’s appointment, leaving work early, a holiday and more. 

Blocking Out Time in a Day

  • Click and drag with your mouse from the start time until the end time of your block out.
  • When prompted, choose Block Out Time.
  • Optional: Select a Reason
  • Optional: Enter a Note
  • Press the Submit Button and you now have time blocked out
  • Optional: When selecting the time you can select from the Duration drop down of a preset about of time.

Blocking Out Holidays / Multiple Days

  • Assuming booking a holiday, move to the start date of the holiday in the calendar.
  • Click on the start time of the holiday in the calendar.
  • Select the Block Out Time button
  • Press the Multiple Days option on the left
  • Enter the End Date to choose the last day of the block out
  • Change the End Time to choose what time the last day of the block out finishes
  • Under the Block Out Reason select which block reason to select what type of block out it is
  • Click on the Submit button to add the block out

Allowing Clients to Book Over a Block Out

When creating a Block Out you may be using it as a reminder or as a temporary space that clients will still be able to be booked.

  • Head to the Calendar
  • Start to create the Block Out as Instructed Above
  • Tick the Toggle to Allow online bookings to be booked over this Block Out
  • Complete Block Out