Client Deposits / Client Accounts – allowing a client to owe you money / go into negative credit

There can be times when a trusted client may forget their Credit Card and will need to pay you back at a later date.  Client Diary allows you to easily keep track of these kind of situations by setting a negative balance on their account so they can pay what is owed you when they next come in.

  • Take the Client’s Appointment to POS
  • Press the End Sale button
  • Select Account Balance button
  • End the Sale

In the below example, the client has $0.00 credits in their account.  We take the complete payment as Account Usage and it then adds the debt to their account.  At the end of the video you can see their account is in negative.

The client’s records will show a negative amount owing and next time they come in you will see they owe you money so it’s not forgotten.  Read this document to find out how to view any client’s account balance.