Client Deposits / Client Accounts – Taking the client’s deposit

Taking a deposit from a client is super easy in Client Diary.  There are different ways to take a deposit / credit for a client’s account.

Via the Calendar

  • From the Calendar Menu
  • Select the Client’s Appointment
  • Click on the Client tab
  • Press the Take Deposit button
  • You will be taken to POS. 
  • Change the amount you’ll be depositing
  • End the sale like normal

Via the POS

You can add to a client’s account / take a deposit directly from the POS if required

  • Go to the POS screen
  • Press the Add Item button
  • Select the Misc tab
  • Press the “Add Credits for Customer” button
  • Change the client from “Walk In” to the client who is making the deposit
  • Change the amount you’ll be depositing and end the sale like normal