Editing a Service Bundle

After you’ve setup your Service Bundles and have been using them you may find you need to tweak/adjust them to really fit your needs.  This document explains how you can edit the Service Bundles.

  1. Select the Services menu
  2. Click on the Bundles tab
  3. Choose your Site/Location
  • Select the Edit button on the bundle you wish to adjust

Common items you can edit include:

  1. The Bundle name
  2. If the Bundle can be Booked Online or not
  3. Removal or Addition of services to the Bundle
  4. Changing the price of services in the Bundle
  5. Adjustment of timing of services in the Bundle
  6. Changing of Busy/Gap periods
  7. Adding more Busy/Gap periods
  • Once you’re¬†happy with your adjustments press the Save button

If you want to learn more about Bundles, be sure to read the Service Bundle Overview.