Ensuring my contact details are all correct

When Client Diary communicates with your clients via SMS, Online Booking and other methods it will often use details such as the location of your business, the business phone number, email address, etc.

It’s important that the details in Client Diary are set correctly so they get the correct info.  Below are some areas that you should check over:

Ensure your phone number, email address, postal address and Business Name are correct.

  • Select the My Account menu then update the details on that screen.
  • Any details you type will automatically be saved

Ensure your site name and individual site details (if more than one business) are all up to date and correct:

  • Select the My Account menu
  • Select Sites/Locations
  • Press the pencil symbol in the corner of the site you need to edit.
  • Update all the details on that page, paying careful attention to the “Site Name” inputs and press the Save button.

Once these basic steps are done you can be assured your communications with your clients will be accurate.