How Add/Edit Timezones And Why They Are Required In Client Diary

Why Timezones are required to be applied in client diary

Timezones are required to be applied to your client diary so your appointments you have booked for clients appear in your calendar at the right time.  Also so your sms reminders get sent to client’s at the right time as well.

You can use Client Diary anywhere in the world as long the timezone is the same as your timezone that is applied to business

How Add/Edit Timezones

Go to:

  • The My Account Menu
  • Select the Sites/Locations tab
  • Click on the pencil icon of the Location you would like to edit.
  • Press the Timezone box
  • Starting typing the new Timezone
  • It will auto-suggest Timezones based on what you have typed
  • Select the timezone
  • Press Save