How To Add and Edit Services

At times you may choose to add new services to your business to expand or to edit existing services to freshen the look of the business.

How to Add a New Service

  • Select the Service menu
  • Click on the Add New Service tab
  • Fill each relevant input
  • Press the Save button to finalized the created service

Notes on what each input means

  • Service Name : what the name you what to call your service
  • Category : what name you want to call your category that the Service Name will be listed in
  • Location/Price : what price you wanna set for the service at the business location for example in the screenshot below you can see Noosa is set at $45 and Maroochydore is set at $45
  • Available : if you wanna make that service available at that business location
  • Time Required : how much time you need the service to be
  • Online Booking Name : what name you want the service to be called when clients book online
  • Can Be Booked Online : an option which allows or not allows the service to be booked online by clients
  • Active : an option if you the service to be active in Client Diary or not active (deleted)


How to edit an existing service

  • Select the Service Menu
  • Search the Service you want to edit
  • Enter any changes you would like to make
  • Press Save to apply to the service

When editing a service, Client Diary helpfully shows the earnings per hour under the price

How to add extra service time (including gaps)

  • Select the Service Menu
  • Search the Service you wish to edit / add extra service time to
  • At Time Required enter the time required to do the service
  • If you want more time blocks to the service click the ‘+’ button
  • Enter how many minutes you want this time to be
  • Choose what type of time block you want it to be (a busy period or a gap).
  • Press Save to apply changes.