How to Create / Edit a Class

Making a class for your gym, yoga studio or any business, is quick and easy to do. Adding a class lets you keep a record of clients who attend and a method of tracking how successful it was.

Where to add the class

To add a class:

  1. Select the Service Menu
  2. Press the Classes Tab
  3. Choose which Location this class will be for
  4. Click the large plus icon to add a class

How to add a Class.

  • Name – This will be the name that is visible on the Calendar, while also being the name that clients see if they are able to book the class online.
  • Price – The individual price that each person will pay to attend the class
  • Capacity – The maximum capacity that may attend the class
  • Duration – How long the class will go
  • Colour – You have to option to edit the colour of the class on the calendar. This will help make it standout from other appointments, or at a quick glance see which classes you have that day.
  • Booked Online – If you would like the option for clients to book the class online

For further information on classes, Click Here.