How To Do A Stock Order

Placing an order is incredibly fast and easy with Client Diary.  It can take as little as 1 minute to place an order.

To allow the system to operate in such a quick and easy manner you do need to set it up first. Setting up can take time but the results are worthwhile once done.  Please read the below steps before placing an order to ensure you’re good to go:

  • Ensure all your products are in the system Click Here to learn how to do this
  • Ensure your products have Suppliers assigned to them.  Without doing this Client Diary won’t know where to send the order to.   First you must setup your suppliers.  Then you need to add the supplier to the products.  There are two ways. Editing a product one at a time to set the supplier or Bulk editing many products at once to set  a supplier.
  • You must let the system know how many of each stock item you want on the shelf when fully stocked after an order.  The system can then use this number to suggest an order for you.  This is called a  “Level Set” in Client Diary.  Click here to learn how to set a Level Set
  • Client Diary can let you know how much the order will be before you place the order.  To do this you should let the system know your purchase prices.  Click here to learn how to add your purchase prices.
  • If you’ve never done a stocktake, ensure you do one before your first order.  You don’t need to do this every time, just the first time to get your stock levels in the computer matching the stock levels in the real world.

The above steps can take time if you’ve not setup the system fully yet.  It all depends on how much stock you have.  It’s worth doing and once done the process of ordering stock and receiving deliveries is seamless and will save you many, many hours of work each year.

How To Find The Stock Order Tool

Go to:

  • Select Products Menu
  • Choose Stock Tools tab
  • Select Place Order option
  • Choose Location
  • Press Start Orders button

How To CREATE An Order

Step (1) – List Of Products:

  • Open the Product Brand with theicon of the product you want to order.
  • Adjust how many you want to order by clicking arrows in the Order Amount input or clicking in and typing.
  • Repeat these steps for each brand until you’ve worked through them.
  • When done select the Next button.

TIP: Look at the top right of the screen as you adjust your order.  You will see the estimated cost of the order there.  This will let you keep track of what you’re spending before you spend it.

Automated Suggested Order

There is an option at the top called “Suggested Order“.  If you turn this on, Client Diary will look at how much stock you have, how much stock you want to have and will suggest an order based on this.  It’s an excellent way to get an order pre-filled in for you, which you can then adjust afterwards

Step (2) Order Form Summary:

This step allows you to only order from certain suppliers.  So you can order only from the suppliers you have ticked and ignore products from suppliers you un-tick.

  • Un-tick suppliers you don’t want to order from.
  • Select the Next button.

This will only create the order in Client Diary itself you will need to send the email to your supplier in order for this order to get process Click Here in how to do this in Client Diary

If you need add supplier to the product Click Here in how to do this in Client Diary or if you need add or edit a current supplier details Click Here on how to do this in Client Diary.