How To Auto Email Employees Their Appointments

Client Diary has a powerful feature which will email your employees their appointments for next day they work.  The email includes no private or financial information and is an excellent way to see what your day will be like before getting to work.  This option is off by default.

To turn on Employee Roster Emails please follow the below instructions:

  • Select the Employees menu 
  • Select the employee you want to receive roster emails
  • Go down to Email Next Day Appointments
  • Select Send A List Of Next Day Appointments To This Employee Via Email At 8.00 PM Everyday
  • Click on Save button to apply changes

For this option to work you will need to make sure that your employees have their email address added to Client Diary.

To do this go to

  • Employees on the left menu
  • Select which employee you want to add or edit the email to
  • Click on Add/Edit Details on the top bar
  • The employee must have an email address to receive the email.  Enter their email address
  • Click on Save to apply changes

Note: You will have to repeat these steps for all the employees you want to receive emails of appointments.