How to sell a standard gift voucher

Gift vouchers are a two step process.  Step 1, sell to client.  Step 2, client redeems voucher at a later stage.  This article is on Step 1.  Selling the voucher to the client.

  • In the POS screen, press the Add Item button.

  • Then press the Gift Cards Tab.

  • The voucher number automatically increments as you sell them. This number should be written on your paper Gift Voucher.
  • You must choose a type, either Custom or Preset.  For a normal voucher, always use Custom.  (A preset voucher is one that is saved into the system for use later.  There will be a separate document on this written soon)
  • You can enter a description but it’s not required.
  • Enter the Voucher Value.  This is how much the client will be able to spend when they redeem it.
  • Enter the Purchase Price.  This is normally the same as the Voucher Value, but you can make it less, in effect giving a discount on the price of the voucher.  If you want to give the voucher away, set this to $0.
  • Set the Expiry if you wish.  The Expires in drop down menu allows a range of dates, or you can leave it to not expire.
  • You can add a note if you wish but it’s not required.
  • Press the Add Voucher to Sale button.  It will then appear in the POS area so you can collect payment for it.

That’s the basic steps.  Once the voucher is sold a client can redeem it at any time in the future.