How to Set Employee Rosters

Setting an employees rosters helps organise who is available each day and also when they are able to be booked online.

  • Select the Employee Menu
  • Search your Employee’s Name
  • Press the Roster Tab
  • Click the Site you’re editing their roster for (if you have more than 1 site/location)
  • Adjust the roster using the sliders
  • Select which Days the team member is available.
  • Add the lunch breaks if you wish
  • Adjust the time of the lunch breaks if you wish
  • Press the Save Roster button

Lunch Break Split Shift

When adding a lunch break via the roster tool it will create split shifts for the day in the calendar like displayed below.

Changing the rostered lunch break time

Creating a new lunch break in the calendar will replace the break created by the roster. Step on creating lunch breaks can be found here.  Below shows the rostered break disappearing when a new lunch break is created.