How to Use the Team Weekly Roster

The default roster in Client Diary is simple to use and works well for employees who’s hours are regular.  For an employee who’s hours change from week to week you’ll want to take a look at the Team Weekly Roster.  It allows you to choose specific hours on specific dates as well as rostering days off.

To top it all off it even has recurring rosters so if you have an employee that for example, works every second Tuesday, then Client Diary can do that for you too.  This document will step you through how to use the Team Weekly Roster.

This document contains all the use cases for Team Weekly Rosters.  The topics are:

  • Concept
  • Using the Team Weekly Roster
  • Editing a specific sate
  • Editing a date and making it recurring
  • Editing a recurring roster
  • Editing a roster to have the employee not working
  • Cancelling changes / resetting a roster

Simply scroll down to find the topic that you require and follow those instructions.


A normal roster in Client Diary just repeats each week.  The same days, the same times week after week.   It’s recommended you set one up first as close as possible to what your staff will work.  Even though it may change, this helps as you don’t need to do as much work later when using the Team Weekly Roster.

First you should setup a normal roster for your employees.  There is a document here on how to do that.  One you have a regular roster in place you can then edit it with the Team Weekly Roster to customise dates that may differ.


Using The Team Weekly Roster

  • First of all choose the Employees menu
  • Then choose the Team Weekly Rosters button

The next screen you see will be the Weekly Roster.

  • You can Change Weeks on the left date picker
  • You can select a specific location via the top left drop down
  • You can select a specific employee via the top right drop down
  • You can edit rosters by clicking on the Edit Icon on each date

Editing a specific date

  • Select the Edit Icon for the date you wish to change
  • Set your start time and end time
  • Press the Change button

You will see the roster entry changes to an orange colour.  This orange colour indicates the date has been modified from the original date.

Editing a date and making it recurring

You can apply the same idea as above but make the roster repeat every X weeks.

In the example below I’m editing Annika’s roster to be only every 2nd Monday on the Sunday.

Note in the image above, when the roster finished being edited there is a new small, curved arrow icon on the orange block. 

It represents the roster being repeating.  When looking through the roster, when you see the small repeating icon you know this is part of a repeating series of rosters.

Editing a RECURRING roster

Repeating rosters continue forever into the future.  You will at one point in time want to edit that repeating roster.  You may even want to remove it. 

When you do this you are asked a question:

Would you like to change this roster only or this and following rosters in the future?

  • ONLY THIS ROSTER – This means you will only be changing the single date you’re editing now and all other dates will continue repeating.
  • FOLLOWING ROSTERS – This means you are editing the single date you’re editing now AND all the following dates in this repeating series.

Editing a roster to have the employee Not Working

You may want to block out days where employee’s are not working.  This is super simple.

  • Simply select the Edit Icon
  • Press the Not Working button

Cancelling changes / resetting a roster

If you ever want to reset a roster back to the original times before you made any changes it’s very simple.

  • Select the Edit Icon
  • Select the Reset button

The roster will return to the normal roster as defined in the employee’s roster tab.