How To Use Top Selling Services Report

The Top Selling Services Report is useful for a range of purposes.

Often this report is used for employee performance reviews, when wanting to see what services an employee is performing more of and less of and to see if you can help them improve in weaker areas.

To access the report:

  • Select Reports┬áin the left menu
  • Select Top Selling Services

How to Select A date Range In The Report

To do this go to either selecting

  • Quick Date: is option to let you select a quick date in that drop down menu
  • Month: is option to let you select a whole certain month
  • Start Date / End Date: option to manually select what date range you want to be viewed in the report

How To sort The Info In The Report

It’s helpful to sort the report by different columns (quantity sold, total sales volume, category, etc).  In order to do this choose:

  • Select the Sort By drop down under View Report
  • Select a preferred sort method.

How To View the report By Employee

  • Select the date range to view
  • Under Employees drop down select what employee you only want to show in the report
  • Select the View Report button