How Your Client Uses Online Booking

Your client will click on a Book Now button on your website, Facebook page or similar. Once they do, they will be presented with an online booking interface.  Below is a video of a booking being made on an iPhone to show how it works from their perspective.

After they have made their booking, they will receive an SMS that will require they reply YES to confirm their number is accurate and that they are a real person if they are a new client to your business.

After they reply yes, you will be alerted via email and via Client Diary that you have received a booking.  For info on this please follow this link on how to approve or deny an online booking.  For more info on Online Bookings in general be sure to read our Online Booking Overview.

If The Client Select a Specific Employee

If the client selects a specific employee with their online booking it will automatically add appointment notes to the booking on the calendar that they specific have requested for that employee on their appointment as shown in the screenshot below.