I’m based in Canada. Why is my SMS not sending?

Canada is a little different from many parts of the world from a phone / sms perspective.

Canada has very specific messaging restrictions and a direct connection is necessary in order to ensure message delivery to the numerous networks. Our SMS provider uses an extremely high-quality, direct connection in order to deliver your messages to Canada.

All SMS sent to Canada must originate from either a pre-approved long number or short code that is associated with your account.

The short version of that is that in Canada you MUST have a dedicated number by law. This is easily achievable and we can arrange this for you. The charge for this number is approximately CAD $4.50 per month. This $ amount may change slightly depending on currency conversion rates but will be close.

If you wish to arrange for this service to be turned on please use the support request tool to ask for your dedicated number to be turned on. Simply use the support tool as shown below and we can do this for you straight away.