Non Returning Clients Report

This report is a little different from the others in how you need to set it up and it can be affected by a range of database quality issues.  Due to this we’ve given the Non Returning Client Report a special documentation page to help you understand it better.

The Date Range

The date range works a little differently here than most reports.
You need to tell Client Diary a date range to search within and then see if clients who visited in that date range have come back after that date range.

Imagine it’s the end of December and we want to see what clients have been in this year but haven’t been back for a while.
I would ask Client Diary to look between say, the 1st of January and the 31st of October.
When I then View the report, Client Diary will look at that date range, collect all the clients that visited in that time frame and then check if they visited after that date range.

So in the above image example, any clients who didn’t come back after the 31st of October will appear in the report.

This image below may help explain it a little more visually


Just of note as well-  That the clients in the report appear under each employee as shown in this screenshot

Why are clients showing up that I know have returned?

There are usually two reasons for this:

  • You have an incorrect date range as described above
  • You have duplicate clients in your database

Imagine you have a client “Jane Smith” and they are in your database twice.  One Jane Smith has been in the time period and returned.  The other Jane Smith has been in the time period but not returned.  Jane Smith will appear in the report.

So the report is reporting correctly, the issue is there are two of the same person and one is accurately showing in the report.


We hope the above info helps.  If you need further help just let us know and we’ll happily guide you through it.  The key points to remember are the date ranges and to ensure you don’t have duplicate clients affecting the results.