Recurring Appointment Overview

A client may come into your business and get a service. Then happy with your service they may ask to be booked continuously to keep that service looking fresh and amazing.

Setting this up with Client Diary is easy and quick to do.

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

How to Create a Recurring Appointment

How to Change a Future Recurring Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I only booking 50 sessions into the future?

We have limited this to help reduce extra appointments in the future to help balance the performance of Client Diary.

Why don’t future appointments change when I edit a previous appointment?

When a recurring appointment is created it uses a copy of that appointment to place at the recurring times.

This gives you the freedom, once the appointment has been made, to edit how you wish if needed.

Can I create a booking every fortnight?

Definitely. After pressing the recurring button on the appointment, select the weekly option. Then change to have it repeat every two weeks. Next edit how long you would like the occurrence and press Submit.