Review / Feedback SMS

This tool will send SMS to clients after how many times they have visited your business based on your pre-defined setup. Can be used for special promotions for loyal customer or asking for a review/feedback after a certain visit. You can have maximum of 3 messages.

How to Setup the Feedback SMS:

  • Head to the My Account menu
  • Select the Marketing tab
  • Press the Review/Feedback SMS option
  • Click on the toggle to Turn It On
  • Press SAVE

Creating the first review SMS

To create your first review SMS:

  • Click the Tickbox to make Active
  • Enter a number for how many visits after to send the message, by default it is at 3 visits. ( A visit is when a client has an appointment AND is finalized)
  • Customise the message as preferred to give your clients discounts, share links for reviews and more.
  • Press SAVE
  • Optional: To create more messages is easy to do and can be done with the extra message options.

My review address is very long, how can I shorten it to make the message smaller?

This is a common question.  There are many tools out there that will do this for you. We’ll use one called Bitly in this example.

  • Head to
  • Paste the URL / LINK to your website (or any other web page) into the bitly box
  • Press the Shorten button
  • Copy the Link and it will now be shortened read to use
  • Paste the Link into your SMS message

For example, if I paste a long link like into Bitly, it will return with which save a huge amount of characters in your SMS message length.