Using the Dashboard in the Mobile App

The Dashboard is an excellent way to quickly view key information about your day and about any targets you my have set for yourself.

To view the Dashboard

Simply select the 3 bar menu and choose the Dashboard link:

View the day’s bookings in the dashboard

The bookings are all shown by default on the dashboard. The current and next booking (now and next) are at the top and all other bookings are under those:

View a specific booking’s details

You can view details on what the booking contains by touching the small arrow to the right of the booking. This will open the booking up and show you what services are booked:

Viewing your targets

If you’ve set yourself targets you can also view these here. Simply scroll to the bottom and they are available to review:

Re-loading the data

If you wish to refresh the data to see any changes, simply pull down. You will see a refresh icon start spinning as it re-loads. When done your new data will be displayed.