Viewing the “Walk-In” client’s transaction history

There is a special client called “Walk-In” within Client Diary. It’s there by default and you can’t remove it. Walk-In is designed literally to take transactions for clients whose names you don’t need to record.

Due to this the Walk-In client can end up with hundreds or even thousands of transactions recorded under its name. When viewing the history for the Walk-In client this can cause a headache as you may need to scroll through pages and pages of records.

To resolve this we have a special ability for the Walk-In client to let you search a date range when viewing their transaction history.

  • Select the Clients Menu
  • Choose the Walk-In client that is at the top of the list
  • Adjust the Start Date and End Date if required
  • Select the Get Purchases button

In this way you can view only the date range you want for the Walk-In client.