Latest Improvements to Client Diary

With the big udpate of the new year behind us, we would like to introduce some further improvements we have added to Client Diary.

Booking Online vs Standard

A highly requested feature, when viewing the Overall Summary report you are able to see the differences between how many clients book online against clients that are manually booked.

Block out Reasons Sorted Alphabetically

When creating a new block out, the reasons are now alphabetically arranged for ease of use and quick entering.

Enter Petty Cash in Past Dates

Entering your petty cash is an easy way to keep track of general expenses from your business.

Imagine finding a receipt for a previous day, by changing the day when recording this, the cash will now reflect the correct amounts.

Appointment Hover now Showing More Info

When hovering your mouse over an appointment, it will show not only any notes not viewable at the calendar but also the status of the appointment. This allows you to move faster and not have to click about to other areas to get the info you need.

End of Day Records the Time of Day

On the End of Day Report, it now records the time of day when it has been completed.

This will help not only see which report is the newest if you are making changes, but allows you to confirm when your staff are finalising the end of day.

Auto Scroll SMS

When viewing a clients SMS history it will automatically scroll to the bottom of the page and show the newest SMS first. In the past you manually had to scroll down each time which was a little painful. Thank you for those that spotted this.

These new features were requested by our users, so thank you all and keep the requests and feedback coming. It only helps to make the software the best it can be.

We trust your year is starting well and these small additions will improve your day to day usage of Client Diary.


The Team @ Client Diary

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