Learning from 2023 to improve 2024

Here’s a fast, and easy to follow guide, for what happened last year, and what’s happening this year in our industry.

Last year

In 2023 we saw large growth in online services.

The following attracted major uptake from the bulk of our customers:
▪ online deposits to improve commitment
▪ marketing via the database to improve turnover
▪ online booking to provide customers what they want
▪ online vouchers to further improve turnover

Marketing surged in 2023

2024 will expand on this trend

Businesses this year will also:
▪ integrate payment directly into their software, to ease day to day operations
▪ pass transaction fees to customers to reduce costs
▪ automate & personalise marketing, using the database, to improve turnover

Do you have the tools ready,and are you well placed to compete against businesses that are already doing this?

How do you plan to capitalize on this trend?

Automated, targeted marketing will grow

Your business is unique

You do things in a way that others don’t. That’s why your customers come to you.

All businesses share the same need. To provide a modern booking and payment experience. Clients have come to expect this.

As 2024 starts, you can easily implement these tools. Provide that experience. Reduce your costs. Streamline your operations.

Time just for you is possible

Time just for you is possible

Make more time for you

Let the systems automatically provide what your clients expect, reducing your workload at the same time.

Client Diary has these tools ready to go, and we help businesses implement them every day.

We transfer your existing data at no cost, and help you hit the ground running.

Get in contact, and let us help you to make the move to a better year ahead.