How to do End of Day Financials

Cashing up at the end of the day is incredibly easy in Client Diary.

Topics covered include:

  • Entering your day’s takings
  • Viewing any previous day’s takings
  • What to do if figures don’t balance

Entering your day’s takings

  • Before doing anything, head to the calendar and ensure that ALL of the appointments are marked as paid.
  • If any are not marked as paid, complete the sales now.
  • Select the Reports Menu
  • Choose End of Day
  • Press the Start End of Day button
  • Optional: You can leave work at night and do cashing up the next day if you require.  It doesn’t HAVE to be done that day.  You simply come in early the next day, before money starts transacting, select yesterday’s date and do the End of Day like normal.
  • Ensure the Date is selected correctly as the date you’re doing.
  • Ensure your Site/Location is selected
  • Ensure the Float is set to what you actually had at the start of the day
  • Enter your figures into the input areas.  NOTE:  Only enter the number of coins and notes, not the value.  Client Diary will do the maths for you.  For example, if you have 10 5c coins, enter 10 into the 5c area.
  • Your figures should match and the bottom left indicator will say you’re balanced.  NOTE:  If you have NOT balanced, see the heading below titled “What to do if figures don’t balance”.

You’re now done and ready to finalise the End of Day figures.  The float will be set to whatever you set today’s float at.

  • You can change the float for tomorrow at this point if you wish or you can leave it so the float is the same.
  • Press the Submit Button and the window will close.  The End of Day procedure is now complete.

Viewing any Previous day’s Takings

After you’ve completed the steps above you can then view your takings.  Here are the steps to do this.

  • Select the Reports Menu
  • Choose End of Day.
  • Enter the Date
  • Select the Site/Location
  • Press the View button

You can now see the report on screen.  Download with the Download Report (A4) button if you wish to print with normal printer or Download with the Download Report (Docket) button if you wish to print with your docket print or email it.

What to do if figures don’t balance

Sometimes your figures will be out.  Common reasons include:

  • Not putting a sale through when a client came in
  • Entering incorrect services or products and charging a different amount
  • Entering the wrong payment type.  For example, using Credit Card when it was a Cash payment

If the figures don’t balance, you will get an error in the bottom left of the wizard like this:

There are two options here.

  1. Enter a reason why it was not balanced and finish the End of Day procedure
  2. Look for the problem, correct it and run the End of Day procedure again

Option 1.  Enter a reason

  • Below the Balance area you will see a “Reason” input.  Simply enter a reason as to why the figures didn’t balance then finish the End of Day procedure.  The reason will be noted in the reports for future reference.

Option 2. Correct the problem

Ideas you can try include:

  • Head to the calendar.  Ensure all Appointments are Paid and finalised.
  • Check the Detailed Transaction History Report.  It will show you every transaction for the day and you can see if one is wrong.
  • If you find one is wrong, Edit the Transaction (follow this link for details on how to do this)
  • If you forgot to Enter a Transaction/Sale, do that now.

After the above have been considered, run the End of Day Wizard again to check and your figures should match.