How To Use Tax Options In Reports

Client Diary has very good options in the reports to whether to include tax or not include tax in the reports.

On how to do this with the reports go to

  • Click on Reports on the left menu.
  • Select any of the reports located in the menu on the left of Reports Overview

On how to generate reports in Client Diary Click Here

  • After you have generated the report click on Tax Is Excluded/Tax Is Included 

Here are some examples below of what the reports look like when those options are selected.

Tax Included In Report


Tax Excluded From Report


How To Apply A Security Employee Group Option To The Tax Option In The Reports

 Their is an option in Employee Security Groups where you can make it that only employees with all access can do the tax option in the reports instead of all employees by selecting or unselecting Change Tax Options (Inc/Exc).  Click Here on how to set this up in your Client Diary.