Taking payment for a Service Bundle

This document describes how to take payments for a booking that’s been booked as a Service Bundle.  It assumes you’ve setup your Service Bundles, that you know how to book Service Bundles in the calendar and you already know how to do a normal POS transaction.    Follow the below instructions on how to process a Bundled Service at Point of Sale:

  • Select your Booking in the calendar like normal
  • Select the Check out / Take Bill button like normal

At the POS screen the system looks exactly like it normally does, however the pricing may be different to normal services as you have this option when setting up your bundles.

You can make any adjustments you wish here including adding and deleting services and products. You can adjust price and give discounts like normal also.

The system essentially behaves like normal, with the other difference being that the services you are editing may be differently priced due to your Bundle setup.

  • When you’re ready, end the sale with the End Sale button and finalise the sale.

For more information on Service Bundles be sure to read the Service Bundle Overview.