Before Appointment Marketing Overview

Client Diary allows you to automatically contact a client a specific time before specific services to deliver the exact message you need.

This powerful tool allows you to focus on your business whilst your clients will automatically receive the exact communication you need them to have before their services.  This saves you time on the phone and saves them turning up unprepared.

A classic example would be a beauty salon who needs its clients to not wear any moisturiser or makeup before a spray tan.  Waiting for them to wash it off and prepare their face cuts into your time and makes the day run late.  Client Diary can easily be setup to automatically send a message to them a few hours before their appointment ensuring they arrive without makeup on, saving you time waiting for them to wash.

Below is a list of links that you can use to setup this powerful tool:

Setting up Before Appointment Marketing

Editing Before Appointment Marketing messages

Turning off Before Appointment Marketing messages